Flavours of the East

We bring the Far East to our doorstep with some intoxicating dishes, simple fresh flavours and the rule is simplicity. We will look at an overview of the flavour profiles of China, Vietnam and Cambodia and explore the use of exotic ingredients and how to conjure up an Eastern Feast in no time at all. Subtle balances and delicate fusion are the secret to eastern cuisine and we will experiment with creating some of the classic dishes and some not so well known.

Spring rolls, Vietnamese rice paper rolls, fish baked in leaves, flavour bursting salads and an array of wonderful dishes prepared in minutes will give us an insight into a new way of eating, using centuries old traditions.
The cuisine from these three countries covers a very wide geographical and cultural spectrum and we will endeavour to give you as comprehensive an insight into each country’s wonderful flavours as possible.



Half day R1250 pp for 2, R1150 pp for 3, R1050 pp for 4, R950 pp for 5 and more


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